Thursday, January 31, 2008

Superquick Note

I want to tell you what I am reading, but I can't read and be addicted to my blog at the same time. I'm probably in my honeymoon period. So, the quirkiest, funniest and most fascinating item for today is that I was a "guest lecturer" in a 1st grade class reviewing with the students how to tell time. (Would you believe that's a math standard???) It has been raining here a lot, and when I walked in the students were pretty wound up. So I improvised and had them put their right hands up and say "long hand" and then say "short hand" with their left hand down low. They all did what I said, even though I looked a little silly!

So... I read a wonderful post on another blog about the features of two-year olds, (check it out) and I made dinner (again). And, I started making butternut squash soup for tomorrow night.

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