Thursday, January 3, 2008

Handles are on!

Happy Wednesday, the days are ticking until I have to go back to work (probably won't be blogging as much). Hi Roseanna & Tyson! I am glad that 2 people are reading my blog today!

So this morning, I wrote detailed instructions for my kids how to clean the bathroom:

  • Clear the floor of any toys

  • Shake out rug, roll up rug and put outside bathroom

  • Sweep bathroom floor

  • Empty trash can

  • Fill trash can with water and ½ tsp of Basic H

  • Mop floor, use a rag for behind the toilet

I'm thinking of having them clean the bathroom every ten days, check in with me in February!

The handles are on. Dale has installed 3 cabinets, and we picked out the handles today. We can't wait to fill up our big pantry. Zachary was disappointed that we didn't pick out the handles that he liked ($8.49 each). I guess he has expensive taste. It will be nice to have that corner of the kitchen back.

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