Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday with Barbara

Well, I'll have to say that my trip to Calistoga was very relaxing, and I am still pretty relaxed. One of my students told me I'm an awesome math teacher today which was sure a nice perk!!

I've been reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, and I am enjoying the author's style. The subject matter is intense and weighty, but she delivers the information in a down-to-earth, readable and humorous way. She was comparing how the American's encourages teenagers to abstain from sex, but how our culture won't wait for vegetables to be in season. Now I am yearning to taste in-season asparagus. Of course, I still have the taste of candy sweethearts in my mouth from this morning when I gave my students a "prize" for using my brand new homework hotline. I was racking my brain for a non-candy prize, but I couldn't think of a quick (& cheap) substitute. (Besides, I am too busy reading AVM)

One of my co-workers husband has been part of the Slow Food movement, and now I finally know what it is! I had all sorts of mental images of slow food.

I have been catching the highlights of the Australian Open Tennis Tournament on the internet because we don't have cable. Of course, if I saved up what I would spend in cable (for a year) I could buy a ticket to New York and see the US Open tournament live. Besides, I wouldn't have time to blog because I would be watching tennis!

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