Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Almost Wednesday

Well, I realize now that when you have a blog you need a few things to say. I hope I haven't run out already! It reminds me a bit of scrapbooking where you intentionally take pictures of events so that you can make the "perfect" page. But I don't want to disappoint my 2 readers, so I'll update you on the kitchen. Dale is ordering phase 2 wall cabinets, so we should have them by the weekend after next. *OH* I just thought of something!


My sister, my mom and I are going to Calistoga. I am going to get a mud bath for the first time! We are staying at Dr. Wilkinson's. This is only my 2nd time to Calistoga. For those not native to Northern California, Calistoga is a very small resort town north of Napa. It has restaurants, spas, hot springs and chocolate. Dale and I celebrated our 12th anniversary there, and I just loved it. The food and wine are delicious. I am totally ready for the mud bath, massage, non-stop talking, and chocolate.


tess said...

So jealous. But the thing about those mud baths is that you end up with mud in crevices where you didn't know you had crevices. (Was that too much information??) Have fun!

Lisa said...

Well... I am totally looking forward to the mud bath. I wanted to do one when I went with Dale in July, but he wasn't interested.