Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Well, my camera shutter was a little sleepy, so my mud bath picture is very blurry. As this was my first mud bath, I'll have to say that I will definitely do it again. I sunk down into the warm mud and was suspended in it. My mom & sis did it too! After the mud bath, it was a mineral bath, blanket wrap, and, to top it off, an hour massage. It was fabulous! The weather was beautiful and we ate delicious food. We did a little wine tasting at Folie a Deux.

I got 2 books at the bookstore in Calistoga: (1) Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver and (2) Complaint Free in 21 days. The complaint free book encourages you to get a purple plastic bracelet so that you can switch your bracelet from one hand to the other everytime you complain (gossip or criticize) until you wear the bracelet on the same side for 21 days straight. Since my sister is anti-plastic, I am using one of my own bracelets. I switched my bracelet about 4 times today. Unfortunately, this leads to some extra processing, "Was that exactly complaining?"

P.S. (not complaining, boasting) I won our scrabble game Sunday night!

And, finally, I got my new Stampin' up order today, and I couldn't wait to color my elephant PINK. I also bought some PINK ribbon.


tess said...

I read Animal, Vegetable, Mineral over the holidays and really enjoyed it. Of course I am too lazy to actually learn how to grow my own food. And "eating local" in Nova Scotia would mean root vegetables for six months out of the year. Keep sending me that organic spinach, California! kthxbai.

Lisa said...

Well, I've been reading it everyday, and it definitely is a book for people who like to garden (unlike me). However, I am planning on going to my farmer's market on Saturday!