Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Blog Recess

I'm sad to say that I think it's time for a recess of my blog. I really enjoy blogging and blurfin', but it's obvious that I have to devote more time to writing. (and blogging is perfect for procrastinating!) I'm not going to delete it just yet, but I won't be posting regularly. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Friday, July 18, 2008


I just turned in a summary of my interviews to Yuichi (by email). Gosh, just think only 20 years ago, I would have to deliver it by person! I feel really good about getting started! My mom had a great suggestion this morning: engage my right brain before I start writing. So I designed some cards and then jumped in! I didn't actually make the cards because I knew I would spend the entire morning on it. Now I can't wait to make the cards...
Thanks for stopping by, blog world!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


First! S* created his own recipe: Mt. Shasta pancakes and he made them last night. The whipped cream is the snow and the sausage is the rocks. (The picture is a little blurry, but the flash washed it out...)

Funny tidbit: I was standing in line for our grad luncheon today talking about corn syrup to one of my fellow classmates (since my sister has upped my awareness), and then a guy behinds me says that high fructose corn syrup is much worse. He also mentioned that everyone should avoid partially hydrogenated oils. So, after we finished our lunch on our lawn. Guess what ??!! I saw Mr. HFCS smoking! I wanted to go over there and ask him what he thought smoking was doing to his body. Funny, huh?

I'll have to say though, Stephanie has helped me. We were in Costco today picking up "one" item that ostensibly turned into $100. Anyway, S* wanted Fruit by the Foot, and I said that we could get it if it didn't have HFCS in it... he looked at the box, and sighed, but didn't argue. Stephanie can make a believer out of you!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Writing Juice, where art thou?

Master's: I definitely have stats homework. I spent 2.5 hours on the "blue moon" problem Sunday night. I have homework due also tomorrow. I am supposed to turn in some synopsis to Yuichi on 7/18, but it's so hard to write at night. I was thinking of getting up early tomorrow and seeing if the juices are flowing! I did have a fantastic, uplifting, inspiring conversation with one of my friends from the master's program who is finished with his coursework.

Weekend: My funny story... Dale & I met my sister, Dad, her kids + my kids at Lake Siskiyou this past weekend. After my sister hosting my kids for 10 days, she looked exhausted (but was holding up very well). Our families get along very well together, so it was a nice trip. I did have a meltdown at the lake on Saturday, however. I briefly couldn't find Z*who was chasing a tube that was being carried away by the wind. Then, I wondered, where was Dale? I couldn't find J* in the water and I was the only adult because my sister was standing in one of those FOREVER lines to borrow a kayak to retrieve the tube that was still be carried by the wind. Then I wondered, "where is Dale?....I HAVE to go to the bathroom!" So we gathered the kids on the shore so I could make the trek to literally 1/2 a mile to the bathroom. On the way, I see Dale and my Dad sitting in the shade drinking a beer. (90 degrees in the sun) I started to shriek... Only ice cream sitting in the shade could calm me down. Whew!

Kids: Love the energy, so good to have them in the house. I can't get anything done! Laundry abounds. Since S* hated the All day camp, I put him in camp cuisine. Of course, he is way advanced. All they did today (according to S*) was make some fruit skewer with marshmallows (and kids were stealing marshmallows! Horror!) My sister did have my kids reading labels to avoid trans fat and high fructose corn syrup, so I can piggy back on her training. Luckily I brought Hansen's to the camping trip. Did you know that there is HFCS in tartar sauce?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sadness descends...

A sad day all around. I just found out that two of my coworkers lost their homes in the Concow fire... Also, the cat of my very good friend might have cancer. This is a day to be thankful for houses, air conditioning, healthy family members and friends.
Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I'm on creative break right now... Checking out the *new* card sketch for the week at 2sketches4you. I also wanted to post my ONLY pictures from Calistoga. I am now to the point that I only take pictures for my blog! What will I scrapbook?

I'm in between transcribing and doing my statistics homework. There is 3 assignments due on Thursday. It takes me about 7 minutes to transcribe every minute of my interview. I am in the middle of my 7th interview... only 3.5 left. The last interview was actually 52 minutes, though.

Well, it's the 5th day without kids... and I'll have to say:
  • It's quiet

  • There's less laundry

  • Dinner is done in minutes

  • I can talk on the phone for hours {smile}

  • I miss

I talked to them on the phone tonight. Z* does not miss home. S* wants to know at what exact time we will be meeting them in Lake Siskiyou (on Friday). I am kind of glad they were gone this week because it's been so hot and yukky here.

On the book scene, I decided to read a light series. It's the No. 1 Ladie's detective agency. I am on the 3rd book. It's kind of fun, and I am allowing myself 15 minutes of reading today.

Off to homework - thanks for stopping by!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Home, Sweet, Home

Well, we are coming home from our delicious trip to Calistoga. I’m typing this on my laptop thinking about the sunshades that now exist for laptops (luxury item.) I’m also wondering if Nadal or Federer won the final set in Wimbledon. I asked the hotel manager to stay until 11:30 a.m. so we could watch the 4th set of the match this morning.

I’m typing this now because as soon as I get home, I need to finish transcribing my interviews. The boys are in Sammamish, WA, and I have no excuse (except that devilish procrastination) to work unabated. However, I will be indulging in a few “creative breaks.” (Does blogging count?!)

Well, our weekend was wonderful. It started Thursday afternoon with me counting the seconds until my kids were on the airplane. To intensify my desire, the kids argued most of the way to Sacramento. Then, I was selected for special screening and I started to cry. I didn’t know if I was humiliated, hungry or sad about my kids getting on the airplane. It turns out that my BIL was able to procure 1st class seats for them, so they rode in style. (Of course, as soon as they were on the airplane, I wanted to go sit on their laps!) Dale & I got to start our getaway at the Sacramento IKEA, and we also ate dinner there. Friday we did the mud bath and massage treatment and ate two fabulous meals. Calistoga has such remarkable restaurants. We lunched at a nice outdoor table butted up against a fountain. I would have made my grandma proud this weekend because I changed my table and/or seat in every restaurant at least once (trying to achieve the {perfect} location.) Saturday we played racquetball and did some wine tasting. I really wanted to visit Frog’s Leap because they tout sustainable agricultural practices, but you have to make an appointment. We had a light dinner from ingredients that Dale picked up at the store. We ate poolside. Both days we rotated through all 3 pools. The big pool was tepid, the hot tub was hot, and the indoor pool was warm. All of their pools were filled with mineral water. It was a nice hotel, and even though there were a lot of families (mostly Russian) there, it was a romantic setting.

I hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend, thanks for stopping by.

P.S. I'm just getting this in Monday night. I think my stats teacher read my blog... we now have homework!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Roman Spas, here we come!

Well, Roman Spas, here we come. I found this spa on trip advisor. Apparently it's rated number 2 out of 14 hotels in Calistoga. We scheduled a massage and made dinner reservations, and I bought a cute cover up, so I'm ready to go!
And... I learned a new term today: Boundary Management Issues. I think I need to work on those.
Also, I was a star for a minute (in my math class) because I could multiply 1.5(4.15) in my head when the teacher reached for the calculator. It's amusing considering every time I am in meetings with administrators, I do my arithmetic wrong because they all look to me.
I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable 4th of July weekend!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

sketch challenge

Supplies for card: paper (berry bliss, purely pomegrante, SU); stamps: friendship blooms, SU); rub-ons (SU); Rhinestones (Kaiserscrapbook); Flowers (Prima); white gel pen (SU)
I saw a sketch on the new blog, 2 sketches 4 you, and decided it was just the creative break I needed! I am having fun with my flowers and buttons, now that I organized them!