Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Snow Sports

A Big Happy New Year!

So, we did our "dry run" today at Mount Shasta (for our upcoming ski trip in Lake Tahoe in February). We were planning on skiing on Thursday, but there is a big storm coming in. The weather was beautiful. It was the ultimate in California skiing.
Great things:

  • Seeing families from Chico

  • Doing a family activity

  • Lisa skiing again after 12 years!

  • We are all intact at the end of the day

  • Zachary went on a chair lift today!

Things we learned:

  • Make sure everyone drinks lots of water

  • Make sure people don't get too tired

  • Have bribes ready to get Sean to ski

  • Lisa will never get the hang of a toe rope!

  • Make a master list

I was inspired by a woman I met at the chair lift who informed me that it had been 37 years since she had been on skis. I think she overheard me mumbling about going on a chair lift, and the fact that it had been 12 years for me. I met a lot of very friendly people at Shasta. At one point I was talking about the state of mathemathics education with a Shasta school board member. She was trying to encourage Sean to get back on the slopes and grabbed his hands to show him how make the "wedge" with his skis. And, on another note, Zachary's tailbone is hurting since I told Aunt Stephanie's tailbone story. (!)

Reading Update: I finished Fun Home and started Jesus Land (2nd book from Tess), it's a memoir of a 16-year girl who moves to the country with her family including her (adopted) black brother. It's a tragic, but heartfelt written story. It reminds me of The Glass Castle. I am enjoying it. I've been reading a lot of memoirs lately.

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