Monday, January 28, 2008

Cold Monday

Hi Janis! I hope you find me in blogworld!

So, it's a really cold Monday here in California. I am signed up for tennis Wednesday night, but I can't imagine playing in 43 degrees (Brrr!). I just got confirmation that I will be scrapbooking from 9:00 a.m. until midnight at the Valentine's Crop at Magic Moments & Keepsakes. We are supposed to bring valentine cookies, how fun! When I saw the cute cover with all of the valentine's cookies, I was trying to read the recipes in the supermarket line so I wouldn't have to buy the magazine. The guy behind me told me that I could probably find the recipe(s) on the internet (Of course, he's 20 years younger than I, and probably right).

Anyway, I bought the magazine, and I wanted to share this tidbit with you. You can send a card from the internet! The website will let you select a card and use your own handwriting font. The cards are printed, stuffed , stamped and mailed for for about $1. (Neat tip from Donna Smallin) I think the US Post Office does that too. Dale pointed out that how it would be cheaper than buying a $4.00 card at the store. I pointed out how it would be cheaper than spending $500 on stamps and accessories a year!
And... to add to my blog obession... I added to gadgets (widgets) by adding java code to my blog: the weatherpixie and the counter.

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Anonymous said...

Yipee Lisa I found you! You Blog-fanantic! -Janis