Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wacky Wednesday

So.... not much to write, but I thought it was really cute yesterday when Sean asked if he could have sausage, eggs and toast for breakfast this morning. I informed him that our main cook (Dale) was sick and would be unable to make his elaborate breakfast (and that we didn't have sausage). Sean, nonplussed by this, said, "Well, wake me up early, so I can make breakfast." Then he proceeded to remind me 3 times last night to wake him up early. So I did. (This is probably modeled on how many times I remind him of things!) Sean made some delicious scrambled eggs ( I made the toast). I also made an egg dish last night, quiche. It was made from our newly purchased farm fresh eggs. Then I made an apple crisp. Sean asked if everyone could have there own topping on their part of the apple crisp. I didn't oblige. Unfortunately the apple crisp made me a little cranky (after slicing & peeling 10 apples) and then when I needed to make the topping it called for a food processor. We got a new food processor recently, but no one has washed it yet. Luckily, after the topping got stuck in the bottom of the blender, Zachary was able to step in and mix the topping with his hands. He loves getting his hands in cookie dough, etc., basically anything gooey.

So I decided to make the decorated brownies for Saturday. I am showing the professional pictures because I love putting pictures on my blog. It's like photojournalism. I was trying to take a cute picture of Dale & Sean, but they didn't want to be on my BLOG. Yikes! Apparently, you can run out of space and then have to pay to upload more pictures (I know this couldn't be a free hobby!) Anyway, I'll try to remember to take pictures of my homemade creations.
Last tidbit is my record for playing tennis in the coldest weather yet, 43 degrees. I was wearing a neck warmer the whole time. It always feels good to hit the ball in whatever temperature!

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Rachel said...

Yum, those brownies look good!! I would never volunteer to wake up early to cook my own breakfast!! That's cute! :-)