Sunday, May 4, 2008

Weekend is closing...

Well, I had a very fun weekend, how about you? (Hi, Amy!) I got to play some serendipitous tennis. Dale did some work on the kitchen, and we got to celebrate my good friend's Lauri's birthday. First Joanne, Lauri and I played some games with the tennis pro, then we went to a delicious brunch! Yumm! Then off to Costco, Safeway and Bat Comics. Z* desperately needed some "Hero Clicks."

Yesterday, I cleaned the bathrooms thoroughly. I had S* help me with the downstairs bathroom. It's nice to appreciate one clean day with them! It's funny that I am obsessive about so many things, but I'm not obsessive about cleaning!

Kitchen: Dale patched up the door, so now we only have the sliding glass door. He is going to texturize it and paint it the this week. And, then...... May 12th, the floor guys are going to redo the kitchen floor and sand and re polish the living room and hallway. It's going to look great!

This morning I was thinking about bloggin' and I was composing a blog in my head, but I never got to post it. Hmm... I guess I am brain dead after shopping in Costo and Safeway and coming home to find out that we need butter!

Oh, I wanted to share my packing for Lauri's gift! I was using items that I already had in my house. I am attempting NOT to use wrapping paper anymore. Of course, I regifted the container from a gift that I received. It turns out that the gift was something that Lauri already had so we are crafting an alternate gift instead.
Well off to read for bedtime, thanks for reading and I am wishing you a great Monday.

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