Wednesday, May 21, 2008


So, on Monday, I went to a "retreat" at our educational consultant's "ranch." For some reason, I was imagining movie-theather style seats, but it turns out he built a room above his garage. Anyway, he was mentioning how expository writing is so critical to student achievement and how nifty it would be if students would publish their own writing. And, then I thought,... my blog!! I like being published! Maybe I'll raise my achievement level.

I just finished, "Losing my Faculties" which was a very funny, poignant and biting book. I brought it to Z*'s surprise band performance (on to that in a minute). Anyway, sitting next to me, is another mom about to start her first teaching job at the Waldorf school. She was starry eyed and asked me what I thought of the book. Well, of course, I loved it, but I didn't know if I wanted to admit that to her, so I hemmed and hawed. The author basically details his teaching jobs and his ups and downs and how his experience with his students never is congruent with his experience with administration. It is definitely ruthless at points, and, how could I, with a smile on my face recommend it to a brand new teacher?

On to the performance... At exactly 7:20 a.m. today, Z* announces that "oh! I have a band thing tonight" Needless to say, May is very busy and I had tennis and Dale & S* had farm league. As I tried to explain scheduling to a 10-year old boy, he says, "I get it." I wonder sometimes the things that I attempt to explain in a very rational way to my sons. My voice did have a little bit of a irrational edge, though. I ran into his very cool music teacher at school and found out that Z* was up for an award, so we were in those metal folding chairs for 1.5 hours listening to all the music offerings at Hooker Oak.

So, thanks for stopping by! Continue to support Schubert's (we went there tonight and I got a Mt. Shasta, mmm!)

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