Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saturday News

I borrowed this art from Chico Sustainable's blog, it very appropriately describes the state of our house for the next 2 weeks.
Crafting news: Dale & I just boxed up all of my craft stuff, so I can't THINK about making cards until next week. The whole process made me extremely cranky because I was sorting through all of this half-started and half-organized projects. Also, I have so many boxes/baskets/drawers from my various attempts to organize my craft space. I woke up this morning wanting my ribbon to be organized because right now they are in ziploc bags. We are boxing up the downstairs area because Wednesday the floor guys will be sanding the living room and hallway and dust will surely be floating around.

Speaking of our floor guy, I just found out last night that I work with his sister at Four Winds. The last day with students at Four Winds was Friday. The Four Winds staff has a tradition of going to Quackers (a bar) after their day at the park with their students. The teachers were making plans for their summer, and I felt a little bereft. Then I realized, OH! They are off, I'm not! It should be an interesting schedule with one of my school's dismissed and the other 2 still in session.

We will be moving into my mom's house Wednesday night and returning to our house Sunday morning. We can walk on the floor with socks ONLY. Luckily, blogging is web-based, so I can post from whereever I am.

Table update: The guy from freecycle will be picking it up sometime today. I miss it now, just knowing that it will be gone.

Happy Mother's Day and thanks for stopping buy!

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