Saturday, May 17, 2008

Quick Note

Well, we are still at my mom's because the varnish smell is way too strong. We can walk on it with our socks and have to be very careful (thanks for the comment Alicia). The floors do look beautiful. We had a rip roarin' baseball game and then grandma, S* and I saw Iron Man. It was PG-13, so I covered S*'s eyes at different points. He wasn't happy about me sticking my hand in his face. A lot of movies coming out this summer. The critics have TRASHED Speed Racer, but I still stand by m enjoyment of this flick. My boys want to see the new Indiana Jones movie which is coming out May 22nd.
We have been boiling over here...100 degrees.
Well, we're tired...but excited about how the kitchen is coming along!
Thanks for stopping by!

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