Sunday, May 11, 2008

mother's day demolition

Yes, that is Z* mowing his first lawn!! He is donating all of his profits from his fledging mowing business to endangered animals.

Well, the last of our cabinets are gone. Dale ended up having to saw them out. The boys and I left him struggling with a crowbar when we went to the movies to see Speed Racer. I really enjoyed the flick! Z* say he liked the special effects, but it didn't have much of a storyline. (He pretty much agreed with the critics.) I had to watch it because it was written and produced by the creators of the Matrix trilogy. I enjoyed every lavish minute of it, eye candy, predictable story and all! It was funny because I nixed Ironman because it was Mother's Day after all, then I run into another mom who was going into see Ironman with her son & husband.

I had a lazy Mother's Day. Our house is pretty much in disarray which makes it hard for me to do anything. Of course, I wanted to do everything that I couldn't do. I did wake up to blueberry pancakes made in the shape of 2 women. The boys made them for me. Very yummy! S* had to point out that it was his idea and that they couldn't use the heart cookie cutter because it was plastic. I did get to lay in bed and finish Dead Clever. What a fun ride! Dead Clever is the first in a series of British mysteries with a quirky, hip female detective. I want to read the next one, but they don't have them in the library.

Ode to our table:

you gave us a place to sit

we ate heartily

set you, cleaned up

solid, strong, up to 3 meals a day

you were there

spills galore, tablecloths after tablecloths

you withstood it all
we broke bread on you, passed food and did homework
may you do the same in another household


Anonymous said...

I'm speechless; I didn't know you had so much to share.

Lisa said...

I am dying to know who anonymous is??? Do I know you?

Lori Barnett said...

Is that lawn mower self propelled? LOL Mine is. WAY NICE That grass looks as tall as him! How many bags of grass did he fill? Questions questions! ha ha ha. Nice to see kids helping out.