Friday, May 23, 2008

Excitement Mounting

Hey, I am VERY excited about being in a local tennis tournament this weekend. If it doesn't rain too much, I'll get to play Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Yippee! I asked my boys to consider watching me play for at least 10 minutes. I had to remind them of the HOURS that I spend watching them play baseball. Speaking of which the baseball tournament starts May 31st. Z*'s coaches eyes were gleaming when he talked about winning this time (apparently he's been real close twice).
Hey thanks for stopping by, if it rains a lot, I can post a few pictures. Dale has been working nonstop on the kitchen. He has installed most of the cabinets, now he needs to put in the sink and the drawers. The floor looks fantastic!
P.S. I just spent close to $100 on stamping stuff that I can't even open since all of my stuff is packed up. I also got the cutest ever prima flowers. They are print flowers... almost like old magazine pages cut into flowers.

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Stampmouse said...

Good luck on the tennis tournament