Wednesday, May 7, 2008


This guy is crazy! painting on a week night!

It was fitting today that I was proctoring the exit exam for one of my very first students at NCCS. That first year was pretty crazy! I don't think I knew what I was getting into!

Grad update: Starting interview #7 tomorrow. I am planning on interviewing 3-4 students in Oroville next Friday. I'm getting there. My last 2 interviews were a little lackluster which slowed me down a bit...but I hope I am coming back.

Mom stuff: So yesterday I had 6 boys in my van ranging from ages 7-10. We were going to the baseball field! I had a flash forward to when the boys will be teenagers in a few years. I got to watch S*'s game which I haven't been as diligently watching as Z*'s game. S* isn't the fastest runner, in fact, he can barely outrun his ball, but I got him to look at the base and not his ball.

Kitchen update: We have wood in our living room. Dale is picking up the last of our cabinets on Saturday at Ikea in Sac. Next week the floor will be done. I can't wait! The first thing I said to Dale when I walked in this house almost 8 years ago is, "We have to replace that floor." So, then we will slowly replace our appliances. If you have done any research, please share it with me, I got bogged down with finding the "perfect" appliance!
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