Sunday, May 18, 2008

Home, Sweet, Home

OK, it's way too late to be posting, but it's really great to be home again (even though we had a lovely time staying at my mom's). The varnish smell is around, but it's not too noticeable. We had a lovely picnic dinner al fresco on our card table (with a tablecloth) with various food items that could be scrounged up in our refrigerator and prepared with a microwave only. S*'s plate was by far the most eclectic: pancake, shrimp dumpling, small bowl of syrup and beef teryaki. Many of S*'s food items would accidentally "fall" into the syrup bowl, and I had to stop him from drinking the remainder of the syrup!!! Yikes!
We already had our quota of sugar this afternoon because we got milkshakes at Schubert's (which is one of the 4 best ice cream shops in AMERICA). You can vote for them here. You can watch a video, too! Update: Z*'s head is in the video!! Apparently Good Morning America picked the four contenders. We will find out who the winner is on next Sunday. Z* got 2 coffee scoops and a chocolate scoop in his milkshake, S* got 2 mint chip and 1 chico mint in his, and I got mocha chip (all 3). Very filling, very yummy!

Now that I am home again, I will be posting pictures again because that's what's makes a blog so much fun. Tomorrow I will be spending my day in Zamora as an all day "retreat." Trader Joe's is on the menu for Monday night.

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Tess said...

I voted for Schubert's online, even though I can't see Z's head in the video.

Tomorrow we are going to see Speed Racer. G really wants to see it and I agreed to go only because you liked it. We are going to see it in Imax, too, so I will have Advil at the ready in case the visual onslaught is too much for me.

I really liked Ironman and can't wait for the new Indy Jones.

Lisa said...

Z is wearing a baseball cap and walks by after the second cute kid is eating ice cream. Enjoy the ride!! (at Speedracer) you will probably find it corny.