Thursday, May 1, 2008

bloggin' world

So at work today, my coworkers were talking about a news story that had to do with a mom completely in the dark about her daughter in the basement with 7 kids. It turns out the dad was also the dad of all of the kids. I looked in amazement and befuddlement because, folks, I don't read the news. I contemplate this often: Should I get the ER? Should I read the news so I know what's going on? But I spend my news time reading blogs! I read a funny earth day commentary by Brendan Halpin... he's very tongue-in-check! Hop on over there unless you want to read about the 30-eyed squid instead. I "subscribe" to about 30 blogs, some being more prolific than others. Of course, I am always searching for the perfect blog... but, like friends, they all satisfy different parts of my brain. Speaking of the ER, I was motivated by this post to call ER to stop receiving my Market Value Place Mailer. Of course, spending 20 minutes sorting through my mail to find 3 shreds of useful info was also a big motivator.

I wish I could have taken a picture today. I wore my outfit inspired by the fashion show at the Omega Nu fundraiser. I felt like a million bucks! You'll probably see it though because I'll wear it once a week!

Well my schedule is set for next year: 3.5 days at Four Winds plus 1.5 days at Hearthstone (.75 Chico + .75 Oroville).

I had to post considering I checked my site statistics 4 times today. Why am I so obessive? Oh, that's right, I have obessive traits...
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