Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Well, I was blog browsing (I'm sure there is a more hip term for that), and I ran across a link for a tutorial to make girl skirts on How About Orange. (There was a list of other things you could make with fabric.) So I clicked on the link, and it had very clear, easy to read, step-by-step instructions. So, I just had to share! Especially since a) I can't sew worth a bean; b) I don't have a girl. Just seeing it, though, made me want to make one. Maybe you too? Just click on skirt tutorial and voila! You're there! It's part of the Grand Revival blog. Let me know if you make one, so I can drool.

Anyway, I am posting during work hours because I have this real yukky body ache/congestion thing. I am OK when I lie down or sit, but not stand, so I decided to stay home. I only had to make 20 calls to make this happen (I'm not kidding.) I am going back to bed after my post. Last night I was in bed after I nearly killed my family for not understanding that mommy was NOT feeling well. I finished "It Takes a Worried Man" last night. It was a very honest, sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek, funny and touching memoir. I thought the funniest parts were when the author would talk about certain musicians and what he thought of their music. I would highly recommend it. I am definitely in a memoir phase of reading. (Maybe I should write one?)

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Anonymous said...

i didn't find anything about a pattern for the apron.