Saturday, March 22, 2008

Day x of Spring Break

Hi, this blog entry is dedicated to Lauri. She told me that she couldn't quite make it through 3 days without an entry. I realize being home with kids and then doing things with kids is a) tiring; b) fun; c) antiblog. Anyway, I have so much to share! So here is a summary of spring break:

  1. Frisbee Golf

  2. Fribee Golf

  3. Frisbee Golf

  4. Seeing Juno

  5. Playdates

  6. Private classes in Pilates

  7. Assembling a LOT of stamp sets
  8. Working on my master's (of course!!)

So, Jillian introduced us to frisbee golf on Tuesday, and Z* thought it was the best thing since... mud. Apparently, they had just opened a small course (9 holes/poles) in Bidwell Park. So we went everyday and then we tried out the "real" frisbee golf course on Friday. There is no map, so you just wander around looking for clumps of rocks with spray painted numbers on them. I invited my mom, and she was the only one up for going out of order. M*, Z*, S* and I thought it was downright sacriledge. We did get some help from friendly golfers. It was an absolute gorgeous day! My only connection to frisbee golf is all of the editorials I used to read in the local paper, the Enterprise Record. There is a raving controversy about the course. I think it's ironic because they mow down field and natural areas for homes all the time.

I finally got do a challenge on Splitcoast Stampers. I usually read them and salivate, but I usually don't have time to do them. This is from the sketch challenge for this week. I am having so much fun creating in my new larger craft area. I need to spend time organizing it, but it will have to happen in stages. I can't wait to try out my new stamp sets!

I also updated my library on library thing. After 200 books, you have to pay a subscription to list any more books. Why did Dale have to walk in the room when I was spending $12, so I could list more books on my virtual library? Of course, the competitive side is coming out in me, and I am wanting to read books so I can list them in my library. I made it through 100 pages of Pillars of the Earth (1/9 of the book is completed!)

I guess I have to blog about Pilates. This all started about a year ago when multiple people told me that I should do Pilates. So my podriatrist (in December) recommended that I go to pilates to work through my back pain since physical therapy was only making it worse. So, I hurt my shoulder in the meantime, but it's getting better and I thought this would be the ideal week to sign up for pilates. I am going to a studio that requires 4 "privates" before you can go to the classes. This is really good for me, since I am a)inflexible; b)clueless about my body; c)inflexible. So I went to 2 classes last week with the owner, Beth. She is from the South and very friendly and basically did a form of wellness "therapy" and assessed me. The only good thing about my body is that my knees are good and my large muscles are strong. The rest is a MESS! So, of course, I desperately need Pilates IMMEDIATELY! And, then, of course, I didn't really ask about the exact cost of the privates because when we talked in December it was $45, but now it's $55. Yikes! Anyway, I am thinking of starting in June because I am afraid if I add it now it might distract me from my master's...or maybe it would make me feel better? I don't know what to do. She just sent out an email about starting a 6 a.m. class on Tues/Thurs... Leave me a comment if you have any thoughts that would help.

Breaking news on my master's: my grad advisor is signing off my application on Monday, and I should get permission from my district on Wednesday, so that means the real work starts!

Well, thanks for visiting and have a Happy Easter!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the dedication! Just wanted you to know I did read your blog today. Looking forward to seeing more cards with ALL your new goodies.