Saturday, March 1, 2008

Sunshine, sunshine

Well, the sun was out for the past few days and it has been marvelous. I've been in housecleaning mode especially since I can't find my graduate plan. I am trying out a new system where the boys can play on the computer if the playroom and their room is clean. So, I have NEVER seen the playroom cleaned up so quickly! I'm ambivalent about all of that computer time, but I am experimenting with it until I find the perfect solution. (or, good enough?) So, I was thinking I could also add various chores... folding laundry, cleaning the bathroom, etc.
So, today we were at S & S buying lunch meat when S* saw the shrimp and announced that he wanted to buy some shrimp. So he picked out the shrimp that was intended for salad. I did ask where the shrimp came from, but the butcher said, "Good question." So we made shrimp salad for dinner, but the recipe we picked was a little to heavy on the dressing, so we made up for it by having carmel popcorn for dessert. And, I found out from 2 moms this week that they cried when S* sang, "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" during his share time. Apparently he was conducting the class so they could only sing with him during the chorus.
Z* started minor league practice on Thursday, and they worked him hard. He seemed tired out, but he didn't have any sore muscles the next day. Friday was a hard day for me becuase Thursday night (after practice), I mixed some cosmos wrong, so they were VERY strong. Hope you are all having a great weekend, and thanks for stopping by!


Spameater said...

So what is the correct way to mix Cosmos and how did you make them strong?

Lisa said...

You are supposed to mix 2/3 mixer and 1/3 vodka. I was really tired that night and NOT paying attentiona and mixed 2/3 vodka and 1/3 cranberry cosmo mixer. So, Dale & I were pouring cranberry juice into our cups to dilute, but it hit me pretty hard!