Thursday, March 6, 2008

Online Libraries Abound!

Hi! I just have gotten reacquainted with library thing. You can sign up to review books on their blog! I almost signed up, but, no, I am working on my thesis, so I don't need another item to distract me right now. But I was thinking of you, my faithful reader. Maybe you want to sign up to review books, sounds fun, huh? Anyway, you can catalog all of the books you've read on library thing. Then, you can enjoy surfing through other people's "online" libraries. If you click on "my library" to the right, you can see all of the books I catalogued so far.

I finally finished Animal, Vegetable, Miracle last night! Wow! That was such an amazing book. The ending of the book was so fitting when Barbara K. realized that her turkeys might procreate. Turkey procreation does not occur naturally among the majority of turkeys in our modern world. I learned, among other things, all of our butterball turkeys multiply by way of artificial insemination.

My creative brain has taken a vacation since I've been sick the past few days. So for family news: S* is on a farm little league team! Z* is doing a science project that is coming together...he did the mentos + diet coke experiment. I am about to embark on Pillars of the Earth as my next book.

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