Thursday, March 13, 2008

Quick Note

It's been a busy week, especially since I am busy procrastinating about rereading my interview questions for my master's. I printed them out and am taking them to little league practice today, so I can look at them.
So, I met with my work book club on Tuesday at Upper Crust where we discussed Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. I am surprised how many changes we made in our lives after reading the book. My biggest changes are shopping at S&S, going to the farmer's market and hiding all of the prices of my pricey food from Dale. I don't think I am going to give up bananas, though, check with me in 6 months. Barbara Kingsolver refers to bananas as the "Hummer of fruits." I am also on the fence about Organic milk since it's twice the price. One of our members has starting drinking raw milk (!) One member ordered a cheese kit online to make her own mozzarella. There is a whole section in the book about canning tomatoes from the farmer's market (check with me in July).
But the biggest news is that I had a rockin' Stampin' Up party and am getting $95 in merchandise and 6 stamp sets. I can't wait!
We started our first little league practice for S* yesterday. There were a lot of boys from his school and they looked cute. Dale is going to be the assistant coach with another Dad from the team.
And I played doubles for 2.5 hours last night, and I won 1 set and lost 2 which was so much better than losing 3! I got a couple really good smashes in which is the fun part of doubles. So I am feeling some of my muscles today.
And to continue in my computer time as incentive saga... the kids have to completely get ready for bed by 8:20 p.m. with no reminders at all. For every minute that they have to get ready after 8:20 p.m., they are penalized 5 minutes of computer time. (This is a good way to teach ratios!) So Tuesday night, S* was still in the shower and Dale said, "I have to remind him, he doesn't realize how long he's been in the shower." I said, "Absolutely not, the penalty is supposed to work, so that he figures out how long he is supposed to shower without a parent nagging him." Dale got up from the couch, sat down, got up again, and just when he was about to remind Sean....Sean came out of the bathroom! Of course, Dale & I have to remember if they lose computer time which is another thing altogether. I am trying this because we had gotten into the habit of reminding the kids constantly of every step to get ready for bed. It really breaks up the whole evening when you are focusing on what they are supposed to be doing. Dale & I might actually be able to have a conversation!
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