Sunday, March 9, 2008


So, I've been "oogling" this stamp company for almost a year, but they require acrylic blocks.

This is a whole new system of stamps, so I've been warming up to the idea. This stamp is called "Tinkerbella" (You can see all the bella stamps on the bella website). They even have grumpybella! Anyway, I ordered 2 bellas in February and just got them a week ago, but I had a Stampin' Up party Friday night which inspired many things. Dale and I moved the futon out of the office and into the playroom. We added a 6 foot table to my craft area, but the best part is that if someone is on the computer, they won't bump into me while I'm craftin'! Also I was so inspired after the party I was dying to make a card!

We got our bed yesterday, and I can't stand the new mattress smell. In fact, I wake up with the taste of chemicals in my mouth. So I am sleeping on the futon tonight. I miss a few things about my waterbed, but I know I'll get used to it... stay tuned for the sleepnumber bed saga.

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