Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday - BB #3

Just took Z* to little league this afternoon. This is practice #3 of the week, tomorrow will be #4. Z* asked me in his most sincere voice tonight if I was going to work part time next year. I said no. It pains me because he is getting too old for his afterschool program and what's a mom to do? So I have been beset with worries about the next school year...after 2 days of perfect bliss brought on by vacation and pilates. I should have taken a picture of Z*, though, he got his hair cut tonight. When he was at practice today, he would take his cap off and shove all his hair back and putting the cap back on. Then we estimated the wrong size of the shirt because minor's shirts are cut differently than t-shirts. So his shirt kept falling his shoulder to show off his collarbone. He was not the most fashionable baseball player today. One of the coaches who refer to Z* by his last name makes many unabashed comments about his hair. So... at dinner we decided that we would get his bangs cut, so at least he could see the ball. Since I beset by afore mentioned worries, Dale offered to leave the house. So Z* came back with a short haircut (not super short). In hindsight, I wish I left the house so I could have controlled the style of haircuts. I don't even recognize him, but I like seeing his face again. Z* is already planning on growing it out again. It actually makes him look younger which I would never say in my outside voice. I'll post a picture later when I have recovered my sunshinyness. (Before picture with his locks)
Grad update: BCOE faxed their approval to Chico State...getting warmer!
Did you know they are planning a "green" high school for Chico in 2010? Who knew? check it out on their website. There is a meeting next week.
Kitchen update: We are ordering our sliding glass door this weekend and basically waiting until May for our floors to be redone. We are also getting our entry way sanded and refinished. I can't wait, it will look so much better!
Little Chicoism: I met my cardio instructor's wife the day after my class when I was buying a custom length of theraband for my new pilates exercises. It was a little dicey because I wanted 7 feet and they sell it by the yard..Alas! math teacher to the rescue!
And I met a mom from S*'s farm team who is taking prealgebra to enter the dental hygienist program. She needs a 3.5 just to enter the program. I told her I would help her if she needed it, and she looked at me closely, "What do you teach??" She also told me about a book, The Secret. Of course I am in page 230 out of 900something of my Pillars book, I'm trying to pace myself. Off to bed!
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