Monday, March 24, 2008

Grad Update

Well, thanks to my Mom, I was able to get a lot of stuff done for my master's thesis. I met with Yuichi to sign my application. I met with Chris at the department to join my committee, and I dropped off my application at the Human Subjects Committee. Keep your fingers crossed that it will go for a short review rather than the full board on 4/4. Yuichi used the metaphor of a garden of how I should "tend" my master's. I should be visiting it everyday. Does he have kids? tennis to play? work to do? Anyway, I was moderately inspired and hopefully that will help with my procrastination tendencies.

And, I hope your Easter was fun. We did our 2nd annual bike ride to grandma's house for Easter lunch. Last year Sean cried for about 10 minutes straight on the ride with passerbys staring at us torturing Sean. This year we only had 2 mini tantrums. The lunch was delicious, and the weather was stupendous. The park was so beautiful. Nothing like Spring Green...
Well, I'm off to bed and back to work tomorrow!

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