Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Week 2 of bliss

Park City, Utah adventure boy! That's my son living it up! He got to drive the golf cart today. Tomorrow they are going white water rafting. In case I didn't mention this, Z* was invited by our former neighbors to join them for a week in Park City. They own a time share out there. It has rendered our household pretty mellow and quiet. S* told me tonight that he enjoys being the "only" child.
I had plans of cleaning, but I landed on my foot wrong last night playing tennis, so I am taking it easy. I did find two interesting websites reading the Real Simple magazine. (And, since it's summer, I actually got to look them up)

literature map - enter any author you like, and it forms a map of similar authors.

novel action - you can sign up for a year for $25.00 and for every used book that you send them, they send you back a book.
We just got back from a lovely jaunt to L.A. We were invited to a grad party on Saturday and Sunday. To finish off our lovely weekend, Dale & I went to Ikea Sunday night to buy some more organizers for our kitchen. We also bought some cool bar stools. They have white covers (washable). Dale assembled them last night and S* has eaten on them for breakfast and lunch. Unfortunately, S*'s friend used his bar stool and the bar stool next to him as a NAPKIN after eating cherries. (Did I mention they have white covers?) It definitely shows....I was thinking they would be clean for longer than 4 hours. Yikes!

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