Thursday, June 12, 2008

Day 4 of bliss

I just finished 4 cards for the coaches of Zachary's team. I went to the scrapbook store and they had some amazing paper and chipboard accents. The cost for all my goodies: $12.55 which works out to roughly $3.183 a card. I still have extra goodies which I may or may not use. Ironically, I was perusing the new bobunny baseball paper with a woman who wanted to scrapbook for her grandson, who was on the Giants. I didn't bother to mention to her that the Giants beat us on Tuesday night. Anyway, I was trying to figure out how to put "Rockies" on the card. At first, I tried to mount my Rough Edges Alphabet. It took me 15 minutes to mount the first 3 letters. Then I tried to write "Rockies" with purple stickles, it just looked too corny. I ended up typing it in the computer and printing directly on the paper.

Scrabble: I'm currently playing a scrabble game with Lauri, my coworker and my mom through the website: bugcafe. It's a really fun way to keep in touch and hone your word (what three letter words really do exist?) skills. If you want to start your own game, you just need to create a username and password, click start a new game and invite someone with an email to play with you. I can handle scrabble and my blog during the summer. It is a little addicting...

Summer: I can't believe how many things I still need to do like laundry, manage my kid's cleaning their room, dishes, preparing meals, calling doctors, etc. I decided this summer I would get up between 6 and 7 rather than sleeping in so I had a chance to talk to Dale before he goes to work. I also get some quiet time before the boys get up and start planning our day. My boys and I did tennis lessons M/W. It was very fun!

I bought 2 books today. Careless in Red. I usually never buy hardcover books, but I adore this author. Her last book did not include her usual team of inspectors, but this one continues the saga of Inspector Lynley.

The other book I purchased was recommended to me, Kabul Beauty School. It's a memoir about an American woman who moves to Kabul, Afganistan to work in a beauty school. It looks like a great 2nd read if I finish Careless in Red.
Family Life: Scissors. I. Need. Them. Now. I remember vividly a mom (who has since moved to Florida) stating that she locked up her scissors and various other tools so that she could access them before they mysteriously disappeared. The missing scissors has been a topic in our household lately. Dale & I are stashing pairs in obscure places to locate them when we Need. Them.
Well, long post! There is a fire raging south of us in Chico and Paradise area, but the friends I know are all safe!
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Anonymous said...

GREAT card! WOW! I love it! Can I reserve Careless in Red when you are done with it? :) (Hey, you're the one who got me started on E. George!) Have a wonderful day. Lauri

Lisa said...

Yes, you can read careless in red, I'm 2/3 the way through. It's a good book!