Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Back to smoky Chico

Well, my good friend's daughter was sick, so I ended up taking Z* to the concert with me. He was lukewarm about it, but then he is into the "cool" thing, so I think he enjoyed it. We spent the night in Napa and drove home today. We had a nice lunch in Davis at Pluto's to pick up S* who went to my friend's house in Oakdale.

The concert was too amazing for words. Brandi Carlile opened for them and had such an unique and full voice. She played guitar and her backup was 2 guys each with a guitar and a cellist. I got the CD, but it doesn't do justice to her wavering, strong voice. Then the Indigo Girls were so impressive. I was sitting in the tenth row and enjoyed every nuance. The entire concert was 3 hours!! The theater was recently refurbished and was north of Napa on the grounds of a VA retirement home. Most of the audience was singing along with all of the IG older songs. I'm definitely going to try to see them once a year.

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