Monday, June 23, 2008

hi, there!

Well, so much to share, I can't wait to show you some SF pictures. S*, mom and I had a blast. We went to Aquarium of the bay, Gharidelli square and the SF zoo. Dale finished hooking up the gas line to install the microwave. Our kitchen looks very official.

I organized all of my hardware, buttons and flowers (paper) in a tool organizer. I felt very anal when I was separating them all by color. My thoughts ranged from:
a) You could never tell anyone that you actually spent time on this pursuit;
b) If I used one of these embellishments everyday for an entire year, I would still have leftovers...

It sure looks great, though!

Tuesday night, Indigo Girls in Yountville, CA with my good friend Ellen!

Thanks for stopping by!

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