Saturday, June 7, 2008

Appliances are installed...

I'll load the pictures later of all of our new appliances. Dale and I actually had a conversation in the kitchen while the dishwasher was running. Usually the whole first floor is consumed with the sound of the dishwasher. (And we yell across the room to each other to no avail.) The refrigerator is sweet, but a tiny bit smaller than I had imagined (counter-depth did us in). And, no crushed ice... I convinced my kids to make us cookies tonight (and they did). The oven did not dry them out! yummmm! They are delightful. The only, er, problem is that the cookies oozed in the oven since we didn't really have enough flour, so we have already burned something in our oven. The microwave is sitting on the counter waiting to be mounted. We decided we need a taller cabinet so that the microwave isn't too high.

I am in total vacation mode right now, I even took Z* and company to frisbee golf today. It's been a bit windy, but the weather hasn't been too hot, so I am not complaining. Also, I got to watch the women's final for the French Open. I can't wait to see Federer and Nadal duke it out. (Sorry, you non-tennis folk) And, speaking of duking it out, Z* plays little league on Sunday. If we win, we play more, if we lose, the season is ended.

I'm excited because the next 3 weeks, I am "off" I hope to relax, clean out and organize and work out!

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