Monday, June 30, 2008

Day 1 of tennis camp/school

Classes has started, day 1 of tennis camp has also begun. S* is disgruntled, Z* is amazed that an older kid is throwing his tennis racquet when he missing the ball. Z* comments, "We're just out there to have fun, it's not like we're good or anything." Was I that wise at 10.9 years? Apparently, some girl hit S* with a racquet or ball and whispered that she was sorry which wasn't acceptable at all.

Then the stuff came piling in and I went to collect towels, half-eaten sandwiches, and then I just said, NO. So I typed the following list (below)and told them to do it. Lists work so much better for me because I don't have to be the verbal prompter:
1)Bags emptied
2)Wet clothes/bags hung up
3)Lunch cooler emptied
4)Water bottle in cooler put in freezer
5)Tupperware in dishwasher
6)Racquets put away
7)Water bottles on kitchen counter

I have good news and bad news. My math class seems like a cake walk compared to the last 2 years, not a lot of homework, easy class activities (in fact, I feel a little guilty/chagrined). However, my advisor hinted that I may have to do more interviews next year if my interviews weren't "meaty" enough. So I am thinking about changing advisors. Yikes! I don't know what to do!
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