Tuesday, June 3, 2008


S*'s original creation!
Ready for a NEW dishwasher!
New 8" deep sink!
Lazy Susan corner cabinet!
Craft Area starting to take shape

Well, I want you to know that our living room looks empty... because all of the boxes are still packed! I started to unpack my craft area today which always proves to bring out those unfinished projects. I am chanting to myself, "If you haven't touched this project in 5 years, you will never touch it." While I was starting to sort and organize, S* made a card for his teacher, he got to use those brand new prima flowers that I bought last week.

I wanted to post some pictures of our new SINK, new cabinets, etc. The appliances are supposed to arrive in the store on Wednesday. We had the kids wash their dishes the last few days which was a little difficult. We will all be VERY happy when we get a dishwasher back! It's so nice to have all that counter space. In fact, I made 70% of the dinner Monday night! We had shrimp because every time S* is in S & S with me, he begs me to purchase shrimp. We sauteed butter, added garlic, red wine and simmered the shrimp in it. S* at first turned up his nose at the dish because of the wine (and what were we thinking anyway???!). Then he had one of those buttery morsels, and he was a believer. He was curious if he could get drunk on the wine.
Well, we are at the home stretch, I have 3 more days of work and then some time off!
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