Sunday, April 6, 2008

What shape are you?

I attended a luncheon that was sponsored by Omega Nu on Saturday. At the luncheon they had a boutique of handmade items and Amy and I bought necklaces. Amy was a model during the fashion show part of the luncheon. Teresa Morisco, the speaker talked about what to wear depending on your shape. She has a blog with wardrobe tips! It turns out that I am a triangle. It was a great way to spend Saturday afternoon after Z*'s first baseball game. Today was a slow day, I felt like I was attacked by allergies. I played tennis, rested and then played Risk (3.5 hours) with S* and Z* while I made chocolate peanut butter chip cookies. Z* was so enthusiastic because he was winning. At one point S* was crying because he was not winning. After dinner, we played Settler's of Catan for about an hour, we'll have to finish it tomorrow. Settler's is usually a 2-3 hour game it combines elements of risk with monopoly.

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