Wednesday, April 2, 2008


This is a belated picture of the homemade noodles (scroll down).

So, I'm interviewing students for my master's thesis project. I am basically looking for themes in my disenfranchised student's dark mathematical past. I finished my first interview today. I offered $3 in Dutch Bros. gift certificates for returning parent permission forms. And, I'm offering a burrito if they complete the interview. It should cost me a total of $60, but that's a small price to pay. I also bought a VERY cool digital tape recorder which records audio files that you can upload to your computer. I am starting interview #2 on Friday before work. Of course, interviewing students before work, going to work and then running to little league is a little tiring.... Everyone asks me how many students that I need to interview. Hmm... It's not like I can ask my grad coordinator this question since he wants me to do it for the love of the project not for the menial details like the number of interviews. I am shooting for 6-8 usable interviews, so I am planning on interviewing as many kids are willing. Just the fact that 2 students have turned in permission forms is encouraging. I guess I am encouraged that I have actually started the process. I see an end in sight, and, if all goes according to plan, I could be finished by Summer 2009. The excitement is building!
And, speaking of excitement, we ordered our kitchen door on Saturday. We decided on the sliding glass door with blinds in between the glass. I was having a fashion vs. function moment at Home Depot, but when I saw how we could control the light coming into our kitchen, I decided to go with the blinds. I was thinking, "What if the door looks tacky?" And then it occurred to me that I am NOT living in House Beautiful. Martha Stewart does not visit us on a regular basis. There is a lot of light that comes through the window when there are no leaves on our tree.
And, on to recipes, Lauri, I would love that lasagna recipe (I am starting a collection). Dawn has posted a family heirloom recipe for homemade cinnamon rolls on her blog: Check it out! (Dawn is a virtual friend, I read her blog). Speaking of blogs, it looks like my friend Jillian is going to start one. Who's NEXT? I figured out how to subscribe to the feeds of blogs so that I know when the author has updated their blog. I have about 5 that I really like to read. I would really love to read yours! I found that someone writes a Chico, Sustainable blog. He/she just listed all of the reasons to shop at Chico Natural foods. I guess it's time to pretend that I'm interested in helping with dinner. Thanks for stopping by!

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