Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I had to share this card I am about to copy for a baby shower on Friday for one of my coworkers. Wish me luck! I think this card is so darn cute!! It's posted on my friend Heide's blog.
Kitchen update: our new sliding glass door is at Home Depot!
Master's Update: finished interview #4, start interview #5 tomorrow. My grad advisor actually called me on Monday, and we had a great chat, but I guess I was talking too fast because he wrote in an email to me: "I just sometimes feel like I have to corral your mind as it does spin fast. " But no matter, I'm almost half way there, and I had students asking me when I was going to interview them (SCORE!) My mom is going to transcribe my interviews for me which took me all night to install software, upload sound files, find said files, copy them to a CD and, of course, beg Dale to come help me out when I got warning messages.
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