Thursday, April 10, 2008

Terrific Thursday

This is the album (girls and boys)that I am listening to everyday. Ingrid Michaelson. It's a mixture of pop & folk with her great vocals. I would highly recommend it!

Well... tonight I went to bb game #1 and skipped bb game #2 to come home and make blueberry muffins for S*'s class party tomorrow. I'm blogging because blogging and blueberry both start with b's and I wanted to upload some pics. The picture is of us playing Settlers of Catan. Usually when you play with adults it takes about 2-3 hours, but I think it took us 4ish hours spread over Sunday, Monday & Tuesday night. S* won the game after some encouragement. I don't think he wanted the game to end, so he took a while to make the winning move.

I played tennis last night. I was surprised I was able to hit the ball because I was so tired. Once I started playing though it woke me up. I was thinking that sports psychologists must do research on the dynamics of doubles' partners. Maybe I should get my master's in sports psychology! I noticed that when I play with a "better" player I tend to slack off a bit and have a hard time "getting into the game" because I am afraid I will make an error. Now that I have admitted that to the blogging world, I feel much better.

I found out that one of my (ex) students was in the paper today. The strange thing is that she allegedly stole a car and I saw her in school on Monday. I saw her with car keys, and I was curious, but she walked out claiming she had a "personal" day. Very sad.

To end on a happier note, I had a fabulous math day! I was working with a student on an exit exam problem and she had a break through with me. There were 2 other things, but it would take too much verbiage to explain. Maybe another post, another day!

Thanks for visiting! Off to make blueberry muffins!

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