Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Blog Candy

Most of the blogs I read are written by SU demostrators, and they sometimes offer blog candy... What is blog candy? From what I can tell they encourage posts and then randomly pick winners. I was thinking of offering "blog candy" as a celebration of 1,000 visits. The site, Confessions of a Pioneer Woman offer $500 gift cards to Amazon for some of her "blog candy." Of course, she has between 300-500 comments per post. Her blog is very entertaining, I'll have to say, though. Anyhooo... you can leave a post on My Life's inky escape and more to get some blog candy! Her drawing is Friday!

So I just bought this book from Amazon. It's written by the same author of "It Takes a Worried Man." He is writing about his experiences as an English teacher, and I like reading memoirs of teachers (so I don't think I am crazy.)

So, I was a little extra bossy today. I think being the STAR test coordinator has gone to my head a bit! Tomorrow is the last day of regular testing and then Friday I will be in a meeting all day at Chico State learning about Lesson Study. My quick synopsis of lesson study is: Research-Implement-Reflect-Revise-Redo (RIRRR?) with the last 3 R's going for as many iteriations as needed. I am excited because they have the top researcher in Lesson Study, Dr. Catherine Lewis as the speaker. Yes, I can talk academics in the breath after talking about blog candy!

On another note, I made the cutest card yesterday! I am going to try to make my mother's days cards this weekend ~ I am lusting after a tennis backpack for Mother's Day, but I can't decide if I should hint too much....

Thanks for stopping by!

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Jen said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog. And there is nothing wrong with hinting big time for something you want...hehe.
Take care!