Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tax Day

This is a card that I made from a "sketch for you to try" I found on a blog. I actually didn't do any stamping because I used my rub-on set. Very fun!

I just finished a big birthday weekend. S* turned 8 and had 5 boys over to celebrate. He planned the whole party. I couldn't really relax until it was over (Sunday at 3:00 p.m.), and then I was just exhausted. My mom and friend also had a birthday last weekend.

I signed the family up for the Wildflower bike ride on April 27th. We are going to do the 30 mile ride. I told Z* that we need to get out there and practice. He informed me that he didn't need any practice because 30 miles is nothing. So, I made him do a ride Saturday night with me to Eastside Little League (4.8 miles). It was a little warm, but we did fine. I always have images of Z* and I having these really deep and revealing conversations while we are riding together, but didn't happen on Saturday. S*, on the other hand, is NOT happy about this family event. He is going to ride on the tagalong with Dale.

I saw a great play Monday night put on by Hearthstone (one of my schools). They did Romeo and Juliet. I nearly fell in love with Romeo myself, he was so believeable. It was a great production. The kids sat through the whole thing, so I am wondering if we are ready to go to Ashland to see more Shakespeare.

Well, no pics, just baseball fever. Z* got to pitch tonight which was exciting ot watch!
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