Thursday, April 10, 2008

Quick Note

Should I blogging before work? No, but I have so many things to share with you. I wore my new necklace yesterday from the luncheon and loved the look. I couldn't help but solicit affirmation from my coworkers. The responses ranged from: Yes, that looks nice! to Why are you showing off a piece of jewelry to me? We went to see the Chico science fair offerings yesterday afternoon. I ran into a teacher friend of mine, and her son turned in 2 projects. He had been working on one since the fall. One was an elaborate catapult that was constructed out of a kit (scale: 1/20). It was pretty amazing. She is already planning for next year when her son is in 6th grade because if he gets first place his project will go on to the state science fair. Both Z* and I got a little jealous-inspired. Z* started planning his project for 2009. Check with us in 3 months! He built a really cool marble track with recycled materials. I'll post a picture later.
Happy early birthday mom!
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