Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Post Vacation

Well... the biggest news is that Dale and I went shopping and bought a sleep number bed yesterday. I thought I would get to sleep in it last night, but apparently you have to wait 2 weeks for the bed. I've been having back problems since August, so we have been discussing a new bed, even though Dale loves his waterbed. It helped that we slept on a sleep number bed at Tahoe for a week. I kept giving the salesman hints to Dale's heart at the sleep number store, so that Dale would be more likely to purchase.

I am still reeling from the relaxing/fun vacation. It was really nice to have Monday off. Only one person (a student) noticed that I got my hair cut at work today. I got the wispiest of bangs the Saturday before I left at SUPERCUTS. I was there with all of these men. I couldn't get in to see my hair dresser, and I couldn't go one more week with my heavy, long hair. So, I took the plunge. Quick and cheap and my haircut is OK!

And, did you know that you can get one annual credit report for free from all 3 consumer reporting companies? Yes, you can! Just log onto Annual Credit Report.

And... I helped my friend Amy start her blog Sunday night! My mom also started a blog.. Are you next? I would love to read your blog!
Thanks for stopping by!


Lizette said...

Great blog. Looks like you guys all have a great time together !

Lesly said...

Great blog. You're welcome to come visit mine anytime. I started it about 1 month ago and am having a ball with it. The address is: http://stampyourselfsilly.blogspot.com

Jean said...

Love your story about telling the sales guy the way to break down the husband!! Oh sssh don't tell him I said so.... I am off to Reno so your mention of Tahoe really caught my eye. Hope the bed helps but I am thinking it will.