Sunday, February 10, 2008

Day 1 on the Mountain

So, our planned 3-hour "dry run" ended up being about 5 hours with S* & Dale being picked up by the snowmobile and taking a ride down the gondola at Heavenly. No one is hurt, but we were a little ambitious about what we thought the kids could do, especially S*. We just wanted to see how to get to the ski school (where they are going on Monday), and it was much more challenging in real life than it looked on the map. And I feel major mom guilt because Sean begged to go on the gondola after lunch, and we said no (because we thought it cost $$$$), but he got to go after all! Z* and I went down the hill together. Z* would fall about every 3- 8 feet. I think it's really hard to stop on a snowboard. BUT both of the kids got on and off their speedy chairlifts, and I crashed into Z* only once. I will have to say, we were very thankful to have our walkie-talkies since I was able to get help for Dale & S*. I kept promising Z* that he would get to swim today, but with all of the glitches, we didn't get home until after dinner around 7 p.m. We went anyway, since I was using the pool as a major carrot to get Z* down some hills. So the kids jump in the pool as if they could swim for hours. Dale and I can barely move we're so tired! Speaking of which, my sleepnumber bed is sounding fabulous right now!
Thanks for checking in.... Day 2 will be Dale & I traversing the mountain together while S* and Z* are in all day ski school!

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