Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Few Thoughts

So... today was the big day, the first day of the high school exit exam for students across the state of California. I wore a pin all day that said, "I believe YOU can" (Nobody commented on it, except my doctor) I am keeping my fingers crossed for the students I have been tutoring the last few weeks.

We picked up some fast food and used baseball shoes for Z*. S* said that he never used a wood bat before, but maybe if he took steroids???!!

I was teaching 3 digit multiplication to 3rd graders today and the students asked me who I voted for. I told them that it was a personal question, and then all of those cute little boys and girls raised their hands and asked me, "Who did you vote for? Mharia toooooooold us." I can tell you, my blogger friend, I voted for Clinton. (I told them too!) Zachary wanted to vote for Obama. Of course, what I like about my job is "visiting" classes because at times I am like a friendly grandma who knows math.

So my doctor has joined a Primary Care Group. The friendly quiet office has changed into a bustling place with doors with signs "Employees only." I called today to get directions and was on hold for 5 minutes and then called back and was on hold for 3 minutes. I still like him, I just am having readjustment issues. So he used his laptop in his appointment with me and then, voila, he sent one of my prescriptions directly to Rite Aid. I asked him for the prescription and he tapped his head, as if he used mental telepathy to send it. I felt like my grandma, like I can't keep up!

Well, thanks for being an avid reader!

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tess said...

Sean cracks me up. Steroids!

I voted for Clinton too, although I like Obama and I wouldn't be crushed if he won the nomination. It is great to have two good candidates to choose from.