Monday, July 14, 2008

Writing Juice, where art thou?

Master's: I definitely have stats homework. I spent 2.5 hours on the "blue moon" problem Sunday night. I have homework due also tomorrow. I am supposed to turn in some synopsis to Yuichi on 7/18, but it's so hard to write at night. I was thinking of getting up early tomorrow and seeing if the juices are flowing! I did have a fantastic, uplifting, inspiring conversation with one of my friends from the master's program who is finished with his coursework.

Weekend: My funny story... Dale & I met my sister, Dad, her kids + my kids at Lake Siskiyou this past weekend. After my sister hosting my kids for 10 days, she looked exhausted (but was holding up very well). Our families get along very well together, so it was a nice trip. I did have a meltdown at the lake on Saturday, however. I briefly couldn't find Z*who was chasing a tube that was being carried away by the wind. Then, I wondered, where was Dale? I couldn't find J* in the water and I was the only adult because my sister was standing in one of those FOREVER lines to borrow a kayak to retrieve the tube that was still be carried by the wind. Then I wondered, "where is Dale?....I HAVE to go to the bathroom!" So we gathered the kids on the shore so I could make the trek to literally 1/2 a mile to the bathroom. On the way, I see Dale and my Dad sitting in the shade drinking a beer. (90 degrees in the sun) I started to shriek... Only ice cream sitting in the shade could calm me down. Whew!

Kids: Love the energy, so good to have them in the house. I can't get anything done! Laundry abounds. Since S* hated the All day camp, I put him in camp cuisine. Of course, he is way advanced. All they did today (according to S*) was make some fruit skewer with marshmallows (and kids were stealing marshmallows! Horror!) My sister did have my kids reading labels to avoid trans fat and high fructose corn syrup, so I can piggy back on her training. Luckily I brought Hansen's to the camping trip. Did you know that there is HFCS in tartar sauce?

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