Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I'm on creative break right now... Checking out the *new* card sketch for the week at 2sketches4you. I also wanted to post my ONLY pictures from Calistoga. I am now to the point that I only take pictures for my blog! What will I scrapbook?

I'm in between transcribing and doing my statistics homework. There is 3 assignments due on Thursday. It takes me about 7 minutes to transcribe every minute of my interview. I am in the middle of my 7th interview... only 3.5 left. The last interview was actually 52 minutes, though.

Well, it's the 5th day without kids... and I'll have to say:
  • It's quiet

  • There's less laundry

  • Dinner is done in minutes

  • I can talk on the phone for hours {smile}

  • I miss them...now

I talked to them on the phone tonight. Z* does not miss home. S* wants to know at what exact time we will be meeting them in Lake Siskiyou (on Friday). I am kind of glad they were gone this week because it's been so hot and yukky here.

On the book scene, I decided to read a light series. It's the No. 1 Ladie's detective agency. I am on the 3rd book. It's kind of fun, and I am allowing myself 15 minutes of reading today.

Off to homework - thanks for stopping by!

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