Monday, July 7, 2008

Home, Sweet, Home

Well, we are coming home from our delicious trip to Calistoga. I’m typing this on my laptop thinking about the sunshades that now exist for laptops (luxury item.) I’m also wondering if Nadal or Federer won the final set in Wimbledon. I asked the hotel manager to stay until 11:30 a.m. so we could watch the 4th set of the match this morning.

I’m typing this now because as soon as I get home, I need to finish transcribing my interviews. The boys are in Sammamish, WA, and I have no excuse (except that devilish procrastination) to work unabated. However, I will be indulging in a few “creative breaks.” (Does blogging count?!)

Well, our weekend was wonderful. It started Thursday afternoon with me counting the seconds until my kids were on the airplane. To intensify my desire, the kids argued most of the way to Sacramento. Then, I was selected for special screening and I started to cry. I didn’t know if I was humiliated, hungry or sad about my kids getting on the airplane. It turns out that my BIL was able to procure 1st class seats for them, so they rode in style. (Of course, as soon as they were on the airplane, I wanted to go sit on their laps!) Dale & I got to start our getaway at the Sacramento IKEA, and we also ate dinner there. Friday we did the mud bath and massage treatment and ate two fabulous meals. Calistoga has such remarkable restaurants. We lunched at a nice outdoor table butted up against a fountain. I would have made my grandma proud this weekend because I changed my table and/or seat in every restaurant at least once (trying to achieve the {perfect} location.) Saturday we played racquetball and did some wine tasting. I really wanted to visit Frog’s Leap because they tout sustainable agricultural practices, but you have to make an appointment. We had a light dinner from ingredients that Dale picked up at the store. We ate poolside. Both days we rotated through all 3 pools. The big pool was tepid, the hot tub was hot, and the indoor pool was warm. All of their pools were filled with mineral water. It was a nice hotel, and even though there were a lot of families (mostly Russian) there, it was a romantic setting.

I hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend, thanks for stopping by.

P.S. I'm just getting this in Monday night. I think my stats teacher read my blog... we now have homework!

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