Monday, October 5, 2009

Week Off

I have a week off from teaching this week, and I have so many things I want to do. The ugly things are figuring out my new prescription service since I changed my health insurance to Dale's. New forms, new websites, new usernames. I am trying to come up with "cute" passwords, like "datafun" I am hoping it will make me smile when I am logging in. I found out that my insurance covers acupunture, so I am adding that to the list of things to do! Monday and Tuesday, I will be working on my I go.
P.S. Thanks Tess for the necklace, it goes perfectly with my earrings.

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Tess said...

Hey! Sorry it took me so long to see your post - I got used to you not using your blog. Glad that the necklaces matches. Wish my insurance covered acupuncture! Gary has done it many times and loves it - he thinks it has really improved his health. (I wouldn't discount the placebo effect, but who knows?)