Friday, July 10, 2009

Last Day of freedom

I have about 30 minutes left on my 5 days of 5.5 hours of tennis camp a day. I'll have to say it's been nice. The first 3 days I was super motivated and I worked on my literature review for about 2 hours. Yesterday I went to the library for an hour. Today was also minimally productive. I set the timer and wrote for about 45 minutes. Next week, alas, kids will be home pumping me with questions, such as: "Can Nathaniel come over?" "Can we watch a movie?" "I'm hungry", "Why do I have to do chores?" I am going to plan to work 2 hours a day next week... Wish me luck.

I just started "Two Cups of Tea" because I figured that it wouldn't keep me from working on my thesis.
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